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Making Bets: How Much Does Roulette Pay?

A question that often comes up from those new to online casinos is “how much does roulette pay?”. There are a few different factors that play into the answer, but it’s not too hard to understand if you break it down. The winning bet in roulette, as everyone knows, is the single zero European version. In this game, there are two selections of odds and evens, and one selection for red or black. All selections have the same payout odds at 35:1 except for red or black which pays out 17:1. This means that grey has a 1/37 chance of coming up on each play for an overall house edge of 2.38%.

Putting all these numbers together we can see that the expected return

Like almost every form of gambling, the objective in roulette is to win money.

The reason I say “almost” is because there’s another kind that people occasionally roll dice for: entertainment.

But we’re not here to talk about fun and games; we’re here to play what you might call a serious game: winning money by betting on the outcome of the spin of a wheel (what’s known as playing “pure” ) .

And it all comes down to how much does roulette pay ? Let me explain.

Why Do We Want To Know How Much Does Roulette Pay?

There are many reasons why someone would want to know exactly how much roulette pays , but let’s just consider two examples for now:

  1. You want to learn enough about roulette so you can play it with your friends, and this is a good way to get started. This article will help you understand what “roulette” means in the context of gambling and how it differs from other gambling games (like slot machines or craps).
  2. You’ve heard that roulette is one of the best ways to win money at casinos, but want proof before investing your time and/or money into it – maybe reading these articles will convince you that playing roulette is worth your while . It’s worth checking out, anyway.

How To Play Blackjack?

A question that often comes up from those new to online casinos is “how much does blackjack pay?”. There are a few different factors that play into the answer, but it’s not too hard to understand if you break it down. The winning bet in blackjack , as everyone knows, is the one on which you get closest to 21 with two cards. The payout odds for this are 3:2 meaning that if you wager $5 on this hand and win, then you’ll be paid out $7 (and vice versa for losses). This means that the house edge of playing Blackjack is 0.46% .

Putting all these numbers together we can see that the expected return percentage of playing blackjack at an online casino is 99.54%.

Like almost every form of gambling, the objective in blackjack is to win money.

The reason I say “almost” is because there’s another kind that people occasionally roll dice for: entertainment.

Slot machines are the most popular games at land casinos, but their popularity on the Internet isn’t far behind. Millions of people flock to online casinos every day looking for slot machine payouts. And why not? Slots are famous for their payout percentages , which can be up to 95% in some cases! However, there are a lot more factors that determine how much each slot machine pays out than just its percentage rating. Here we’ll look at two major factors: variance and RTP (return to player) percentage . Putting all these numbers together we can see that the expected return percentage of playing slots at an online casino is 96.1%.

This means that the house edge of playing Slots (theoretically) is 3.9% . The reason I say “theoretically” is because it’s tough to calculate such a small number with any kind of precision, and it may vary by casino down to within ±0.1%.

If you’re willing to settle for less than optimal odds , then you’ll be happy to know that many—if not most— casinos offer lower-paying slot machines for their floor games. This lowers the casino’s payout percentage without having much effect on how much players are actually winning . By lowering the minimum three-credit

Explanation Of Outside Roulette Bets

Roulette enthusiasts have always tried to solve this riddle. However, the elegance of roulette makes it impossible to gain an edge over the casino while maintaining basic strategy.

Tricks like Romanosky’s roulette strategy have been around for a long time, but offer limited success rates. When it comes to roulette, the best approach is just as easy as the game itself.

Most roulette bets can be divided into two categories. There are the internal, riskier bets, which rely on a smaller set of numbers. Then there are the outside bets, which cover more numbers for a less risky and less rewarding payout. Playing these bets can give you almost even odds which is why they are popular with punters. In this article, we’re going to introduce you to all of the outside bets available and some betting systems that use them.

Bets On Red Or Black

Placing a bet on either of these two options means that you expect the ball to land in a black or red pocket. Assuming you are playing European Roulette, this gives you 48.6% table coverage . Due to the presence of two zeros, the table coverage drops to 47.4% in American Roulette.

Red or black bets are usually placed directly under the 2nd square of 12. The betting field can be represented by a square corresponding to that color, or by letters that spell out Red and Black. The number drawn for this bet combination does not matter; only the color of the pocket has it. The winning of this bet is paid 1: 1, that is, it is an equal amount.

Pari Pair Or Impair

This bet asks you to predict if the number two can divide the number drawn. If the number is divisible by two, it will be even. If it cannot be divided by two, it is odd. The Even or Odd betting boxes are placed on either side of the Red or Black betting boxes. There are 18 odd numbers and 18 even numbers .

As with Red or Black bets, the number zero does not count for both options. This gives them the same table coverage of 48.6% for European Roulette or 47.4% for American Roulette. The payout for this bet is 1: 1.

High Or Low Bets

All numbers except zero can be separated into two categories: low numbers and high numbers! Low numbers are numbers ranging from 1 to 18 , while high numbers are ranging from 19 to 36 .

Dozen Bets

Likewise, the Dozen bet covers twelve numbers. This time you bet on a set of twelve numbers as they appear on the betting field. The first twelve numbers are covered by box 1 to 12. The second set, made up of the numbers 13 to 24, is covered by the 2nd box of 12. Finally, the numbers 25 to 36 form the third dozen, and are covered. by the 3rd box of 12.

Once again, zeros are excluded from this out bet. This gives them the same table coverage as column bets: 32.4% for European roulette and 31.6% for American roulette. The payout is also the same, ie 2: 1 in case of victory .

Special Features Of French Roulette

As we mentioned in our article comparing the different versions of roulette, French roulette has two rules which are great for players.

With En Prison, your bet remains on the table if a zero is drawn on an even bet. As the name suggests, the bet is basically imprisoned. On the next spin of the wheel, if you win with your initial bet, you get back your initial bet without any additional gain . However, if you lose in the second round, you lose your money as usual.

On the other hand, La Partage does not give you the possibility of recovering your stake. Instead, it gives you back half of your original bet if number zero is drawn. It’s better than a total loss, although we prefer In Prison. In either case, having this rule active decreases the house advantage of the casino. If you’ve ever wondered why these two rules are so hard to come by in online roulette, here’s the answer!